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The Best Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

The Best Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

The Best Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

1. Rainbow Photo Booth Backdrop Using Plastic Tablecloths

This is a cute and inexpensive way to create a bold, colorful backdrop with dollar store plastic tablecloths for your party’s photo booth! This would also make a great backdrop for the gift table or the snack table, and it would be a fun way to decorate your entryway. Talk about maximum impact for minimum cash!


2. Use Your Local Dollar Store to Stock Up on Fun Rainbow-Colored Items

This party planner obviously made good use of dollar store items to create a fun rainbow theme. Simple items like a plastic bucket bring lots of life to the party when filled with plasticware wrapped in a rainbow of brightly colored napkins. And it would be so easy (and cheap!) to create an adorable wreath out of colorful balloons and pipe cleaners. Who said that amazing party decorations have to be expensive?!


3. Have Plenty of Party Fun with Play Dough

Let the kiddos’ creativity run wild by setting up a fun rainbow play dough station! This resourceful mama used aluminum cupcake pans to display balls of play dough in a rainbow of colors and provided mini rolling pins and plastic cookie cutters so their party goers could have plenty of hands-on rainbow fun. You could challenge kids to create a rainbow or to see how many rainbow-colored shapes they can create. You could make this inexpensive activity even cheaper by making your own play dough…or let your guests join the fun and help you make it. However you decide to do it, this activity is guaranteed to be a hit with the little ones!

4. Provide a Rainbow of Snacks

Great snacks for a rainbow party are quick and easy when you use a variety of rainbow- colored fruits and veggies (and parents will appreciate the healthy options!). Set out a spread of rainbow-hued veggies, create a fruit rainbow with marshmallow clouds, and maybe throw in a bowlful of rainbow Goldfish or other salty snack, and you have a simple, healthy, and delicious spread. And keep your table décor cheap and festive by laying a rainbow of crepe streamers across a simple white plastic tablecloth.

Rainbow veggies and rainbow table streamers:


Fruit rainbow:

5. Keep Things Simple with a Cupcake Rainbow

Let’s face it, cutting a cake into kid-sized slices takes a lot of time (not to mention all of the crumbs and icing that end up being wasted), and kids can start to get antsy when there’s too much downtime. Keep things simple by serving cupcakes instead. Frost cupcakes in different colors, and then lay them out in the shape of a rainbow. This is a quick and easy idea that will save time and make a bold statement, and you know that your little guests will love being able to choose their favorite color!



6. Make a Fun Punch Piñata

Piñatas are fun, but they can lead to hurt feelings…and sometimes even hurt kiddos. Give each of your guests the chance to get their own treats with a punch piñata! All you need is tissue paper in a rainbow of colors, a box, plastic cups, and treats for an easy DIY piñata that will provide plenty of fun and excitement for your little party goers!



7. Let Guests Make Fun Rainbow Jewelry to Take Home

Another cheap, easy activity for your rainbow-themed party is a jewelry making station! Set out yarn and colorfully dyed dried pasta so your guests can create a bright necklace or bracelet. Or let them create an edible version with colorful cereal o’s. Either way, it’s guaranteed to be a fun activity, AND the kids’ creations can double as great take-home party favors!


8. Let Your Guests Taste the Rainbow

Send your party goers home with quick and easy party favors. Fill plastic bags with rainbow-colored candy, and add a cute printable calling them “rainbow seeds.” It’s a fun and simple party favor that parents won’t be sneaking into the trash can at the end of the day!



9. Send Home Some Rainbow Fun

Don’t waste money on junky favors that will just be tossed in the trash. Send your little guests home with a treat bag filled with rainbow-hued treats that they can use! Clear bags filled with a rainbow of paints, pencils, crayons, bubbles, notepads, and stickers will look super cute lined up on a table by the door, but they’ll also be favors that your partygoers can use when they get home. Add a cute “rainbow to go” label, and you have a fantastic favor that kids and their parents will enjoy!


10. Don’t Forget the Printables

Adding plenty of rainbow details will really make your rainbow party pop. The best way to do that is with FREE printables! Printable rainbow banners, cards, labels, and signs will make for a big impact and help you create a memorable party for your beloved kiddo. A great rainbow themed party doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; you just need to have a little creativity and plenty of rainbow-colored details to make for a very special day!


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