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Free Octonauts Party Banner & More

Hi there!! this post has been moved! While we may still post to our older blog, all of the old freebies and NEW ONES will be featured here! Thanks! Originally Posted – Jul 15, 2014

Free Octonauts Party Banner & More

So this past weekend my favorite guy celebrated his 3rd birthday!! It’s so super bittersweet since of course, I’m overjoyed that he is getting so big but I’m also sad to see the years whizzing by! I feel like it was not too long ago I was laboring away at my mom’s house (yes I had a home birth) trying to bring this big guy into the world lol and poof! now he’s three!

Anywhoo after several idea changes my little guy finally settled on an Octonauts Party!! and while I did find some cute things I, of course, wanted to add a couple of my own items. (more…)

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